The old part of the current BHCC church building was raised in April 1888 by a group of Swedish immigrant settlers from Harjedalen & Lillherrdal, Sweden, who wanted a place of worship in their new community in the Black Hills in what was to be later called Black Hawk.   Here are links to material from the 100 year history of Black Hawk publication printed in 1987.

Black Hawk History 
      Here are some pictures from those days. Click on the thumbnail photos to get larger pictures.


In the fall of 1951 after a 30 year hiatus in worship services at the old Swedish church, the ladies of the Foothills Extension Club decided it was time to start a
Sunday School in the community.  They approached the old Swedish Bethesda Board with their idea and with their blessing, started renovation of the old church building. Bake sales, & rummage sales, among other projects, helped fund the repair work
necessary to make the building usable again.

Pastor Phipps & youth group early 1950s

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