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In the coming weeks, I plan to make changes involving the way that Black Hawk Community Church's website is hosted online.  As part of these changes, the online recordings will quite possibly be changed to a sermon-only type of format. I would like to find out from the users of the site what you think about this.  The reason behind the change is that many web hosting providers have file size limits on what you can post on their servers before they charge extra.  I have for a number of years now been providing the web hosting myself for essentially free, other than the outside expenses of replacing equipment to keep my homemade server cool, and the yearly expense of registering the website address with, a web address registrar. As far as electrical power expenses,  I have been absorbing that cost.  As a result of this arrangement, I have been essentially free to do whatever I wanted without restriction, other than to do what is right & proper for a church website.

     An advantage of moving to an external web host, such as Go-Daddy, is that I could enable others to share in the weekly editing of the website, instead of being the one and only editor for the entire website. This is because of the heavy technical nature of the current method of posting recordings, sermon notes, editing of announcements pages, posting of Parish Nurse News, and so forth.  The current method is based upon 2005 methods of website production which was rather cumbersome for anyone off-the-street to learn how to do.  Go-Daddy, Wix, and others, use an online editor which makes it much like posting something on Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.  So, moving to an outside web host has it's advantages, since that would allow me to appoint others to edit the website.

Check into this page from time to time for updates as I will post here what I have accomplished regarding the move.  Click here
to email me about concerns, suggestions, or other remarks regarding the upcoming changes.